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If you were directed to this page please select and fill out the form you were instructed to by Trisha. If you found this page via the navigation please fill out the form that best applies. Filling out the appropriate form prior to your first session is required. It is not required for the free 30 minute assessment but it is beneficial and recommended. The Client Bill of Rights is required for all new clients regardless of what your seen for. If you have any questions about the forms please fill out the inquiry form or call Trisha at 360-885-1965.

General Info

This is a general information form. Please fill out this form if you are seeking hypnosis for sleep issues, fears, sports, improving confidence  or other issues unrelated to weight, smoking or stress.

Go to the general information form
Quite Smoking

Please fill out this form if you are seeking hypnosis to stop smoking or for any other nicotine habit. Though the questions are focused toward cigarettes they can apply to other tobacco habits such as chewing and vaping.

Go to the quit smoking form
Weight loss

Please fill out this form if you are wanting hypnosis for weight loss. It’s a detailed form and important that you be honest and specific which will help me structure your sessions in a way for you to achieve the most success.

Go to the weight loss form

Please fill out this form if you are seeking hypnosis for stress related issues. There are many questions and they are all important so be sure to allow time when you can fill out the form in a more relaxed state of mind. And please be as  detailed as possible in your responses.

Go to hypnosis for stress relief form
Client Bill of Rights

This Client Bill of Rights is defining your rights as well as specifying confidentiality and session related fees. Every client is required to fill this out and sign it before their first session takes place. If you are bringing in a minor you will need to fill this out and sign for them in the appropriate areas.

Go to Client Bill of Rights

If you would like to make a general inquiry please fill out this form. Due to the nature of my practice I’m often in session with clients and will respond within 24 hours. If yo.u prefer to call and reach voicemail please leave your name, number and best times to reach you. 360-885-1965.

Go to general contact form