Focus With Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss | Hypnosis to lose weight
Meet Trisha Jones C.Ht. providing Hypnotherapy Sessions for Weight Loss to change the negative thoughts about food and eating to lose weight and improve your emotional well being.
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I offer a complimentary 30-minute assessment for new clients. Schedule yours today!


Check out the common reasons people seek hypnosis here…

My Approach

I think that life should be fun and we should all be happy! Sappy as that sounds, isn’t that what we all really want? Having a positive outlook and taking a positive approach in life just makes us feel good.

Hypnosis is a positive, safe, drug free and relatively quick way to reach that goal. I use accepted hypnosis techniques that I adapt to the individual needs of the client. The goal is to access your subconscious mind in a language it can easily process to empower clients to free themselves from limiting beliefs or unwanted behaviors.

As the client, you are actively involved in the process to facilitate change. And ultimately responsible for how quickly change takes place. It could take one session or it could take more. I cannot guarantee or promise specific outcomes because each individual has in them the power to resist. That said, if your thinking about picking up the phone to call me, you probably have already decided to let go of the resistance to change.

I like to see quick results, and with that in mind, I use the best hypnosis techniques possible to help you achieve your goals quickly, but at a comfortable pace for you.

Hypnotherapy is not intended to replace medical or psychological therapies or services but may be used in conjunction with them. It may be necessary and in your best interest to work with your health care provider to facilitate the changed you want. I’m happy to work with your health care provider on your behalf to help you realize your goals and objectives.

What is the one thing that you would change right now if you could? Whatever it is I’m confident hypnosis can help ease or resolve your issue. Take the first step and call now!

Phone: 360-885-1965

The hypnosis session was extremely relaxing and I found myself heading home feeling very calm and accomplished.